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January 1, 2012
End of Season

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My Commentary Well, a long and disappointing season has come to an end!! The good news is that the Eagles finshed the season very strong, winning thei8r last four games in impressive style which is good momentum heading into next year. I've stated this on several different blog sites and in comments, but in my opinion, the Eagles are by far the best team not to make the playoffs. And being the hottest performing team when the season ended, I know the NFC East lpayoff teams are all happy the Eagles didn't make it because nobody wanted to have to lpay them in the playoffs.

A couple of things happened that seemed to turn their season around towards the end. The first thing and most important was that the Eagles got healthy. All their starts returned from the injury list and were back on the field for the tail end of the season. At the same time, the team started to click. They were firing on all cylinders as Vick was on top of his game, the reeiving crew was back, the defense stepped up, and McCoy was McCoy, terrorizing defenses in their attempt to stop the run.

So why the 1-4 start? I really think the player walkout which resulted in a very shortened pre-season really took its toll on the Eagles. Based on all the changes and additions they made in the off season, this team really needed a full pre-season to be able to start to gel together as a unit. This was especially important for the new look defense with all their additions in the secondary. The offense as well simply needed time together on the field to get acclamated with each other.

I can sit here all day and talk about what could have been, but I'll simply leave it at winning just one of those blown 4rth quarter leads early in the season and the Eagles would be making a Super Bowl run now. Instead, they've cleaned out their lockers and have gone home.

Even with the disappointing performance all year, with just alittle help from teh Jets in Week 16 in terms of a victory over teh Giants and the Eagles would also be in the playoffs!!! Come on, the Giants as NFC East Champions!! That shows you how poor the NFC East truly was this year. The Giants are NOT a good team and the Eagles handed it to them in their building with their second stringers!!

All I can do now is look forward to next season!!! Thanks for reading my blog!!

What I think needs to happen in the off-season:
  • Desean Jackson: This guy did not show up for the 2011-2012 season. I said it many times but his attitude over this past year erally killed his reputation as well as his performance on the field. All that being said, rumor has it that he got serious over the last few games, played decent, even though his numbers were nothing spectacular. His long TD reception against the Redskins in week 17 was reminiscent of the Jackson of old. This guy is truly a gifted athlete with alot of talent and a tremendous amount of speed. I would love to see DeSean back in Philly next year with a new contract and a positive attitude because he is an exciting player to watch. With his speed and Vick's arm, thisis a lethal combination. Unfortunately, at this stage, I think seeing Desean in Philly next year is a longshot. I think some other team will be benefitting from his talents in 2012.
  • Andy Reid: Definitely bring Andy back. His record speaks for itself and he's still one of the most successful coaches in the NFL. Having been head coach in Philly longer than any other head coach has been with their teams, people think its time for a change. It's not Andy's fault his players didn't perform early in the season. I agree with Laurie in bringing Andy back.
  • The Eagles Offense is still one of the most potent and exciting thigns to watch in the NFL. They can strike often and quick. Speed-wise, they might be the fastest team in the NFL. Just keep things rolling here.
  • Defensive: I think they need a new defensive coordinator. They have alot of talent on their defense and a full season under their belt with a full pre-season will do them well. I'd like to see Andy bring in a new coo-ordinator to work with this telented group.
Your Comments:

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